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Šalát mango-jahoda

30. June 2022 by in category Pineapple tricks

Mango-jahodový šalát Uletené ananásy prinášajú návykovú kombináciu afrického leteckého manga a domácich slovenských jahôd z vašej tohtoročnej úrody. Svieži šalát na doma. V réžií mango a jahody. Tento šalát je ideálny na večerné posedenie, ku grilovaným špecialitám. Lákavé na pohľad, zdravé, a jednoduché na prípravu. Spájame to najlepšie z tropického a domáceho ovocia. Potrebujeme :  [...]

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Strengthening our immunity in autumn

14. October 2021 by in category Pineapple tricks

To strengthen immunity in this season comes handy. With your next purchase we will give you a supply of 100 ml of ginger shots for a whole week. Place an order with us and for any purchase over 25€ you will get your week supply of ginger shots.

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With pineapple against spring fatigue

30. March 2021 by in category Pineapple tricks

Farmer's ginger and turmeric in the form of energizing juice to your order? Place and order with us for a pineapple to your taste, enter the code “gingershot” and we will pack you 3 x 100ml of fresh pressed juice to boost your immunity and aid digestion.

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Pineapples grown in Slovakia

11. March 2021 by in category Pineapple tricks

We went to see an exotic plants enthusiast who hides literally treasures in his greenhouse. It was like walking into a whole different world. The air was humid, heavy, the scent of variety of exotic plants was mingled with harmony. And then - there it stood – the Bratislava pineapple. It was crazily beautiful.

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How to stock a pineapple properly

5. March 2021 by in category Pineapple tricks

A pineapple which is fresh and not chemically treated spoils quite fast. Despite its sturdy appearance it can be damaged easily and then starts to sour. When it is kept at room temperature consume it within two days.

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