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A small advice to fight against spring fatigue.

with farmer's fruit

spring fatigue in action during a normal day can be daunting (photo: www.lainformacion.com)

  1. 10 minutes will change your day - morning cardio, immediately after you get up, an exercise for a while will kick you up after a night, and release your endorphins.
  2. Drink plenty of plain water, adding a squeezed half a lemon will help your body. 
  3. Eat smaller portions of fresh food, such as pineapple.
  4. Lighten your diet.
  5. A cold morning shower will refresh the body and spirit.
  6. Every day, an hour's activity outdoors in the fresh air, even a walk is great, the woods will recharge you with new life.
  7. A little of individual sport.
  8. Listen to your body, each of us is different and the body asks what it desires.
  9. Take an afternoon nap.
  10. Take 10 deep breaths 3 times a day . 
  11. Give your body vitamins in the natural way, fruit, spring vegetables, ginger.
  12. Give yourself time for at least 10 minutes a day just for yourself for your favourite activity.

To a daily basis consumption, especially now in spring, we love our super sweet    kenyan pineapple which contains more sugar and so it helps in small doses not only to provide the body with vitamins but also energy.

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Kenyan farmers harvesting ginger (source: www.kiva.org)

Farmer's ginger and turmeric

Farmer's turmeric and ginger is a great companion to these days of transition from winter to spring. In small doses, they are anti-inflammatory,have a positive effect on immunity, help against digestive problems, or soothe headaches caused by weather fluctuations.

With your purchase of our crazy pineapples we will be happy to give you a taste of fresh pressed turmeric and ginger juice. We recommend a dosage of 50 ml per day. Add honey and lemon to mellow the sharp hot taste. We guarantee a good feeling and a positive effect on the body.

The next time you shop, just enter the code zazvorovyshot and fortify yourself against the vagaries of the weather this season.

Our favourite pineapples in spring :

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