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African fruit like you've never had before.

We bring you the best directly from African farmers, so you can enjoy the finest exotic fruit in the comfort of your home. We'll pack your fruit in a unique box of fruit that you can also compile by yourself.

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Crazy fruit ripens in the sunjust as nature created it :

This is what pineapple hunting looks like on African farms.

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From farmers to your home

From the heart of Africa, from people who are always smiling, we bring you an experience of fruit grown on small farms in local communities in Uganda.
We are grateful for pre-ordering of fruit. By doing so, we can better coordinate harvesting on farms, deal with logistics efficiently, and reduce our impact on environment.

CO2 je diskutovaná téma: článok ako to robíme MY

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fruit arrives


we dispatch your order


For 2 persons

Box content




2.5 kg of fruit in total

more info here


In stock: / 50 pieces



For 3-4 persons

Box content

pineapple, mango, avocado 

apple bananas, red bananas


4.5 kg of fruit in total

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In stock: / 50 pieces



For 4-6 persons

Box content

2x pineapple, mango, avocado

apple bananas, red bananas, passionfruit

ginger, turmeric

6.5 kg of fruit in total

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In stock: / 15 pieces


Compile your own box.

Compile your own pack of fresh fruit to your taste. The minimum value of your own fruit box is 25 €.

Compile your box

100% quality guarantee

"We are 100% confident in our product and provide a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. No questions asked, immediately." - Vladimír Gogora, CEO

Supporting local farmers

You get your hands on an organic farming product from Africa, just as the nature created it. Thanks to you, local farmers can grow their crops organically and sell them at fair prices. You can enjoy ripe exotic fruit grown without chemicals and fertilizers, respecting people and nature.   Our mission is to bring you a taste experience.

More about our mission >>

Fruit available 48h from harvest

Ripened on the tree, not on the shelf

Exceptional taste

Unique and exclusive

A delight in every package

Ideal as a gift

NO fertilisers

NO pesticides

NO preservatives

NO growth hormones


Solar energy packed for the road

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We use ripe fruit and African sunlight for dried fruit. The quality and taste is incomparable. The drying plant is located in the small village of Butenga in Uganda.  Given the fact that the drying room is only ours, we can bring you a new level of dried fruit that you won't find on the shelves.

200g dried pineapple



200g dried baby banana



200g dried jackfruit



Our thank you for your support

We are extremely grateful to you for opting for organic farmer's fruit. Let us know about your experience with the fruit. We will be delighted with any review on the e-shop.

„My sme zatiaľ mali Kostariku a Zelenomodrý z Afriky a bomba, oba. Ten africký mi prišiel ešte aromatickejší ale možno to fakt závisí kus od kusu. Inak dobrá rada tam niekde na stránke, osvedčilo sa. Položiť ho aspoň pol dňa alebo aj deň upside down, čiže dole hlavou, potom je celý sladký.“ – Ivana Molnárová

„Ďakujem za fantastické uletené ananásy, v sobotu objednané v pondelok doručené 👍👍👍.“ – Barbora Ade

„Big Daddy bol fantastický 👍🥇“ – Zuzana Dostálová

„Neskutočne vynikajúci ananás, a nie len tento, všetky sú super, odporúčam každý vyskúšať :)“ – Monika Košútová

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