Gift Pineapple

Gift Pineapple


A creative gift that is not ordinary!

The package includes Yellow pineapple (Rwanda), Baby Pineapple (Mauritius) and a prosecco of your choice

A few helpful hints for gift and dinner:

Slice the pineapple and arrange on them a plate. Pour the prosecco into a bowl. Light at least two candles (this is a must, it really works). Savour the pineapple by dipping it in the prosecco.

P.S.: For our friends from the eastern part of Slovakia: Add one decilitre of apricot spirit to prosecco (who likes it stronger).


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Variety: Baby pineapple (lat. ananas comosus var. ananassoides / ananas nanus) + yellow pineapple flown from Africa (lat. Ananas comosus var. comosus)
Weight: up to 1.8 kg *
Additional info: original (not bred) type

*weight of pineapples, without the prosecco bottle

Additional information

Choice of prosecco

Abbazia Cuveé Prestige, extra dry, 0,75L (Italy), Abbazia Cuveé Prestige Rosé brut, 0,75L (Italy)


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