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order of pineapple is just few clicks away.

How do we arrange it for you?

1. Order a pineapple from our offer.

2. We will contact you with the time and date of delivery.

3. During weekdays, you can expect your pineapple on the next day.

Friday orders will be delivered on Sunday.

This is valid only within Bratislava.

If you order your pineapple for a weekend in your slippers and bathrobe, you will still have your pineapple at home on Saturday!

Harvest from all over the world within reach.

African fruit is amazing. But we offer much more.

Availability depends on the actual season and farm conditions. From Americas through Pacific to Asia. Check here for availability of harvest from all over the world:

Check avalability

Did we deliver your pineapple damaged? Why did it happen?

Our products are transported by air at full ripeness and are free of any chemical treatment. We try to be as careful as possible, but if you happen to receive a pineapple that is too ripe or brown inside, in short, contact us right away via whats app: + 421 0905 618 301or write us at reklamacie@ananas.wtfSend us a picture of a pineapple where we can see the problem, your invoice numbername, and delivery address. We will do our best to deliver you a new product that day, but not later than the next day. If you are too disappointed, we will refund your payment.

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