What you eat, you become.

If you are into sports

- 300g will boost your capacity by 30%

- Bromelain helps to break down protein after training.

- It helps you to grow.

- It fastens regeneration.

- It will get you rid of cravings for sugar.

If you attend school

Savour the pineapple - a snack for champions

-Your brain will function at 100% at school.

-Thanks to the sunny sugar you will easily get through the day at school.

If you are a colleague

Wake up you colleagues in 5 minutes.

 Light up your mood and boost your performance. Have a few pieces of pineapple and you are done. A cigarette is not cool anymore anyway.

Everything will go smoothly, and you might leave work earlier.

If you are an expecting mom

It is a myth that pineapple causes difficulties during pregnancy.

The myth appeared because of the negative effect of pills containing bromelaina substance that is in pineapples which lowers blood pressure. Anyway, the amount of bromelain in the pineapple is so little that it will not harm mum or the foetus , so don’t be afraid to have a few bites. Moreover, just one glass of pineapple juice contains the daily recommended dose of vitamin C for both.

If you are a diabetic

A slice of pineapple is a rich balanced source of sugar and carbohydrates, and you need to be careful about the intake of them. If you add pineapple to your meals, it is not recommended to combine it with bakery products or potatoes. We recommend this table.


Unit Approximate weight Carbohydrates
Thin slice 50g 7,4g
Thick slice 80g 11g
Half a glass of juice 100g 15g

(source : www.healthline.com)

Will you try? 

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