Posilniť imunitu je dôležité celý rok. Pretože imunita sa buduje dlhodobo, nie len keď príde chladné počasie. To už zväčša býva neskoro.

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Autumn is in full swing

Weakened immunity can take you by surprise (photo : www.healthline.com)

A weakened immunity may manifest itself as a general feeling of fatigue, joints pain, reoccurring bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, slow healing processes, reduced number of white blood cells or increased susceptibility to cancer.

Kenyan farmers harvesting ginger (source: www.kiva.org)

How can you then boost your immunity in autumn?

Try the following:

Right nutrition and drinking regime

The right nutrition affects vastly the immune system. In this season make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C. In autumn do not forget to keep up your drinking regime. When it is hot drink fruit juices of various kinds and in winter exchange them for herbal or ginger tea

Advice : Mix the turmeric-ginger shot with 2 dcl of hot water and add a teaspoon of honey if needed.

Relax and movement

Stress, especially long term one, reduces immunity. That’s why it is very important to know how to relax after work. Form of relaxation depends on the individual; the important thing is to relax and change the mindset. The ideal combination is to relax in the form of sport. In autumn you can go for a peaceful walk to get fresh air in nature, ride a bike or take a swim. Regular sport significantly increases the functionality of our immune system.


The resistance of your organism may be increased by hardening. You body will cope more easily with transitions from heated rooms to cold weather and vice versa. The ideal possibility is to get regular sauna sessions once a week. If you haven’t got time for that try alternating hot and cold showers each time you shower.

Autumn immunity treatment

In this transitional autumn season is also useful an “immunity treatment” in the form of over-the-counter nutritional supplements.. We recommend ginger-for example in form of our ginger shots, turmeric, zinc, or extracts from Echinacea or beta-glucan which is present in oyster mushrooms. 

Our favourite pineapples in autumn:

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