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The pineapple sweetens from the bottom. It is recommended to turn it  180° exactly 2 hours and 57 minutes before consumption, so the sweet juice spreads throughout the whole pineapple. Use your left hand only.

We deliver the original (not bred)yellow and blue-green pineapple variety. Keep the pineapple standing up. You know it’s ripe and ready for consumption when it’s flexible to touch and smells nicely in room conditions.

You will eventually discover that the pineapple is great - thanks to the sun.

Only our resh pineapples shipped by air rom all over the world have the essential energy from the sun. That provides energy, vitality and super powers. You won’t find here any pineapples treated by chemicals that are transported by sea.

You can prepare a pineapple in many ways :

  • Mix it

  • Bake it

  • Flame it

  • Cut it

  • Grill it

  • Ferment it

  • and a lot more

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Our pineapples are imported regularly by air from all over worldand that is the reason why you will always get them fresh.

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Within selected municipality parts at periphery of the city of Bratislava and outside Bratislava, the courier transport is charged according to out price list. See our shopping Terms & Conditions..

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